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Chapter 4 Psychoneuroimmunology Immunocompetence - the extent to which our immune system is functioning properly to ward off micro- organisms. Psychoneuroimmunology - the study of the relationship between psychological states and the functioning of the immune system. Enumerative Assay - a lab test done to count cells (typically white blood cells) as they exist in the bloodstream. Functional Test Of Immunity - tests done to assess the immune system at work. Mitogen - a relatively harmless substance that stimulates immune cell activity as though the immune cell were acting against an invading cell or antigen. NK Cell Cytotoxic acitivity assay - a test in which the proliferation and effectiveness of NK cells is measured after they have been exposed to diseased cells. NK Cell Lysis - the destroying of tumour cells by exposing them to NK cells. Accute Stressor - a stressor that is immediate in its duration and proximity. Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) - one of a colection of illnesses, such as colds, coughs, and bronchitis.
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