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Study Guide Midterm - Psychology 187B Midterm Lectures 1....

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Psychology 187B Midterm Lectures 1. Why are recidivism stats for treatment facilities skewed? a. They only receive the worse of the worse. 2. What is “teen court” and how does it work? a. Court held commonly in a high school for minor offense (i.e. shoplifting). b. An actual judge runs it, donating his/her own time. c. Jury comprised of kids (jury of their peers). d. Jury finds the defendant guilty or not-guilty, then gives recommendation for punishment, often times the judge must reduce the punishment recommendation. 3. What happens to testosterone and serotonin naturally with age? a. As age increases, so does serotonin, along with a decrease in testosterone. 4. What happens to most youths after their first juvenile court appearance? a. They never come back. Most learn their lesson. 5. What happens to most youths after a stay in CYA? a. After 3 years 70% return. 6. What is (are) criticism(s) of using juvenile diversion programs? a. The average is 14 programs before they go to jail. 7. What is BARRMM? a. Burglary, Arson, Rape, Robbery, Murder, Mayhem. 8. What are two ways that serotonin can be replenished in the brain? a. Age b. Drugs 9. What is the Gladys Root criterion? a. Kids must know that what they did was illegal in order to be tried. 10. What happens when you offer a gang member a reasonably paying legitimate job? a. They don’t take it. That is not the problem, they make money. 11. Why have parenting classes not be widely utilized? a. It is difficult to comprise of parenting techniques that will be acceptable by all people (religious, non-religious, etc…) Handouts 1. Fitness hearings—what are they and what criteria do judges use in them? a.
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Study Guide Midterm - Psychology 187B Midterm Lectures 1....

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