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LANGARA COLLEGE Philosophy 1101, Sections 002 and 004 Essay Question #4 (to be handed in during class on November 3/4) In Essay #1 you defended either a materialist or dualist approach to philosophy in general. In this essay we are focused on understanding the mind , and its relation to the brain. You are to state your view on the mind-body relation, and argue for it. If you are a materialist, then your view will be either (i) the identity theory, (ii) functionalism, or (iii) eliminative materialism. (Or some innovation of your own!) If you are a dualist, then your view will be either Cartesian (substance) dualism, or some version
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Unformatted text preview: of property dualism (non-physicalist monism). (Or, again, some innovation of your own.) Define your thesis precisely. And argue for your thesis, using an argument discussed in the course, and defend it against one objection. Note that this should follow the general format of a philosophy essay, as described in the document “Argumentative Essay Format”, on Course Tools. Write about 500 words , i.e. 2 pages double spaced. Longer essays will not receive better marks, as brevity is considered a virtue....
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