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LANGARA COLLEGE Philosophy 1101: Introduction to Philosophy Quiz #3 TIME: 30 minutes Section 002 October 18, 2010 Total: 20 marks 1. True or false ? T/F a. Descartes believed that a machine could never, as a matter of principle, speak appropriately in response to questions. T b. Descartes believed that matter does not exist, since all of reality is mental. F c. Descartes claimed that animals have no soul, and hence are mere mechanisms. T d. Descartes believed that the mind is a ‘ghost in the machine’, that spatially overlaps the brain. F e. Materialists such as Churchland criticise Descartes on the grounds that the action of mind upon matter is problematic. T f. Descartes believed that the mind acts on the body, but the body cannot act on the mind. F g. Materialists hold that thinking minds do not exist, since everything is physical. F h. Dualists of all kinds deny that the mind can be described completely in physical terms.
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