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LANGARA COLLEGE Philosophy 1101, Section 002 Essay Question #1 (to be handed in September 15) This course is centred on the question of whether materialism or dualism is true. In order for students to fully engage with the issue, I want students to be aware of their present thoughts and feelings on the subject. So I want you all to write an essay to answer the following question: Which of materialism and dualism is more likely to be correct, in your view? What are your main reasons for this position? Note that this should follow the general format of a philosophy essay, as described in the document “Argumentative Essay Format”, on Course Tools.
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Unformatted text preview: In particular, you should define the terms ‘materialism’ and ‘dualism’ as precisely as possible. It is not a research essay, and I don’t expect students to do any readings for it. After all, we will be examining such texts throughout the course! (There will be no exposition section in your paper.) Rather, I want you to reflect on what you already know. Good marks will be awarded for essays that are coherently written, and which show evidence of effort in thinking about the question. Write about 500 words , i.e. 2 pages double spaced. Longer essays will not receive better marks, as brevity is considered a virtue....
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