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LANGARA COLLEGE Philosophy 1101, Section 002 Essay Question #2 (to be handed in September 29) “From this we can easily infer that the ideas of the primary qualities of bodies resemble them, and their patterns really do exist in the bodies themselves; but the ideas produced in us by secondary qualities don’t resemble them at all. There is nothing like our ideas of secondary qualities existing in the bodies themselves. All they are in the bodies is a power to produce those sensations in us.” (Locke, Essay , Book II, Chapter VIII, Section 15.) Describe the reasons why Locke claims that some aspects of our perceptual ideas don’t resemble any quality of the material object. You should discuss at least one argument from Locke’s
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Unformatted text preview: Essay in detail. Also explain the role of the mechanical philosophy here. Do you see any difficulty with Lockes view here, or his arguments for it? For example, is his view in conflict with common sense? Is his notion of resemblance between aspects of ideas and material objects problematic? Does his view lead to scepticism about the material world? Evaluate Lockes position, giving reasons for your views. Note that this should follow the general format of a philosophy essay, as described in the document Argumentative Essay Format, on Course Tools. Write about 500 words , i.e. 2 pages double spaced. Longer essays will not receive better marks, as brevity is considered a virtue....
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