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LANGARA COLLEGE Philosophy 1101, Sections 002 and 004 Essay Question #3 (to be handed in during class on October 13/14) Locke (and Hume) argued that there is no innate knowledge, while Descartes saw innate knowledge as not only real but also essential for science. Others (such as Kant) have argued for rationalism in a similar way. Who is right on this one? Briefly summarise an argument or two for rationalism, and then
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Unformatted text preview: give your analysis. You may of course refer to the problem of induction, and Kant’s arguments. Note that this should follow the general format of a philosophy essay, as described in the document “Argumentative Essay Format”, on Course Tools. Write about 500 words , i.e. 2 pages double spaced. Longer essays will not receive better marks, as brevity is considered a virtue....
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