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Unformatted text preview: 1. (Points: 1) Tyler is responsible for developing a plan for the optimal use of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations. Tyler is developing a: 1. set of promotion goals 2. promotional strategy 3. communication mix 4. selling plan 5. marketing mix Save Answer 2. (Points: 1) The four major promotional tools (advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations) are known collectively as the: 1. promotional mix 2. marketing mix 3. publicity four 4. communication model 5. advertising campaign Save Answer 3. (Points: 1) A local exterminator uses the image of a large dead cockroach to communicate its service. The pictures of the dead insect appear on transit boards throughout the community. This is a form of: 1. implicit communications 2. publicity 3. advertising 4. sales promotion 5. public relations Save Answer 4. (Points: 1) Lee Apparel, maker of Lee Dungarees, created the Buddy Lee doll in the 1920s. It continued using the doll in its promotional mix and giving out Buddy Lee dolls to customers until 1964. After a 40 year absence, Lee once again began using the doll in its promotions of Lee Dungarees to the 17- to 24-year old market. The re-introduction of the Buddy Lee doll and peoples reaction to it was the subject of a lengthy article in Business 2.0 magazine. The news article was an example of: 1. a sales promotion 2. publicity 3. implicit communications 4. advertising 5. a personal sales presentations Save Answer 5. (Points: 1) _____ consists of all marketing activities that stimulate consumer purchasing such as coupons, contests, free samples, and trade shows. 1. Sales promotion 2. Personal selling 3. Advertising 4. Sponsorship 5. Publicity Save Answer 6. (Points: 1) Interpersonal communication is: 1. direct communication between two or more people 2. nonpaid information such as publicity 3. paid communication placed in personal media 4. long-distance communication between a business and its target market 5. noise-free communication Save Answer 7. (Points: 1) The Hollymatic Patty Machine grinds and shapes meat into perfectly sized patties using a revolutionary new process that decreases shrinkage. The advertising agency is writing copy for the Hollymatic Patty Machine and has decided on a(n)_____ format because the product is so technical. 1. reminder 2. reseller 3. informative 4. influencer 5. persuasive Save Answer 8. (Points: 1) Lyndon went to a Web site that sells barbecue grills and read reviews of several different models. He has requested more information about a Weber grill that appeared to meet his needs, but he is not yet willing to give up his search to find the perfect grill. As far as Weber is concerned, Lyndon is in the _____ step of the AIDA concept. 1. attention 2. action 3. desire 4. liking 5. interest Save Answer 9. (Points: 1) Because soft drinks are in the maturity stage of their product life cycle, the promotional mix element _____ should NOT be emphasized in the marketing of this product. 1. sales promotion 2. reminder advertising 3. persuasive advertising 4. public relations 5. personal selling Save Answer 10. (Points: 1) The various Survivor shows have been promoted through personal appearances by show participants, Web sites, merchandise with the Survivor logo as well as print and broadcast advertising. To make sure that all of the promotional messages are coordinated, CBS (the network on which the show is broadcast) should use the: 1. integrated marketing communications approach 2. coordinated market management approach 3. AIDA concept 4. interpersonal and mass communications approach 5. integrated communications management approach Save Answer 11. (Points: 1) Procter & Gamble's marketing efforts for its Pert shampoo include television commercials, billboards, magazine inserts, and radio spots. These activities are all activities of: 1. advertising 2. public relations 3. direct marketing 4. sales promotions 5. publicity Save Answer 12. (Points: 1) When The Home Depot introduced its Expo Design retailing concept, it spent several billion dollars on advertising and other promotions and successfully boosted its market share. As an advertising consultant, you would advise that Home Depot: 1. double its advertising budget in order to double its market share 2. focus on maintaining market share and spend proportionately less on advertising because additional expenditures would reap diminishing benefits 3. shift the budget dollars from advertising to sales promotion and personal selling due to a change in the product life cycle stage 4. maintain the current advertising budget and continue to focus on brand awareness and market share gains 5. slowly increase the amount spent on advertising and promotion to offset competitive advertisements Save Answer 13. (Points: 1) Unlike advertising that establishes or maintains a company's identity, _____ advertising touts the benefits of a specific good or service. 1. product 2. image 3. selective 4. cooperative 5. advocacy Save Answer 14. (Points: 1) Procter & Gamble's ads for Crest White Strips emphasize the brand name and how effectively it whitens teeth. The ads show demonstrations of how the strips can be worn at any time of the day--even at work. This is an example of _____ advertising. 1. pioneering 2. competitive 3. comparative 4. differentiational 5. institutional Save Answer 15. (Points: 1) The new Hydrience hair colour advertising campaign encourages people to treat their hair to lush, radiant colour." The advertising is focusing on: 1. a product benefit 2. production implementation 3. production implementation 4. a product mission 5. creating product loyalty Save Answer 16. (Points: 1) The slogan for Lawrys meat marinades is Always Tender. Always Juicy. Always Easy. This slogan, which describes meat after it has been cooked using the marinade, describes the products: 1. advertising objective 2. promotional mix 3. basis for lifestyle strategy 4. basis for comparative advertising 5. unique selling proposition Save Answer 17. (Points: 1) _____ advertising is an arrangement under which a manufacturer pays a percentage of the advertising cost for an ad that a retailer places for the manufacturer's brand. 1. Advocacy 2. Institutional 3. One-to-one 4. Comparative 5. Cooperative Save Answer 18. (Points: 1) The Flow-Bee hair cutting vacuum cleaner attachment is shown during a half-hour television spot. The product is demonstrated on volunteer studio audience members, testimonials are given by Flow-Bee owners, and viewers are encouraged to order the product through a toll-free telephone number. Flow-Bee is using the _____ form of direct-response advertising. 1. mega-mercial 2. infomercial 3. extended sales pitch 4. ad expander 5. prolonged ad Save Answer 19. (Points: 1) A newspaper article on how the relocation of the new Korean-owned plastics manufacturing plant will affect the environment of Guelph, Ontario is an example of: 1. newspaper advertising 2. a sales promotion 3. direct marketing communications 4. publicity 5. free advertising Save Answer 20. (Points: 1) The appearance of a box of Cheerios cereal in the children's movie Mathilda is an example of _____ for General Mills, its manufacturer 1. paid-for public relations 2. a sales promotion 3. product placement 4. lobbying 5. advertising Save Answer 21. (Points: 1) When Craig purchased a VTech wireless mobile phone, he was able to mail in a proof-of-purchase and his cash register receipt to receive a check from VTech for $20. Craig received a: 1. functional discount 2. trade allowance 3. purchase allowance 4. premium 5. rebate Save Answer 22. (Points: 1) When Janey Ming purchased a subscription to Western Living magazine, she received a free cookbook entitled Christmas Cookies. The cookbook is an example of a(n): 1. loyalty incentive 2. contest 3. premium 4. trade sample 5. product placement Save Answer 23. (Points: 1) Whenever Hugo buys a softdrink at his nearby convenience store, he gets a stamp for the card that he carries in his wallet. When he has 8 stamps, he can exchange the card for a free soda. This is an example of a: 1. frequent buyer program 2. in-store rebate 3. loyalty incentive 4. consumer allowance 5. self-liquidating premium Save Answer 24. (Points: 1) The Mens Health Center offers free blood pressure tests, cholesterol screening tests, and prostate exams one day each year. These free health tests are an example of a: 1. service commission 2. point-of-purchase promotion 3. premium 4. free sample 5. sponsorship Save Answer 25. (Points: 1) Trianka Patel has recently started a mailing service in a region that is showing tremendous industrial growth. Her business has the capability to print, fold, insert, and mail all types of letters. Her customers include 3 local retailers, a small university, and a regional cable television provider. She needs more customers and plans to spend one day per week visiting businesses and introducing her services. Patel is engaged in: 1. sales promotion 2. public relations 3. personal selling 4. research and development 5. direct sales management Save Answer 26. (Points: 1) Which of the following statements does NOT describe an advantage personal selling has over other forms of promotion? 1. It is easier to vary the message according to what the customer needs to know with personal selling. 2. Personal selling costs can be controlled by adjusting the size of the sales force. 3. Personal selling is better for providing customers with detailed demonstrations of products. 4. It is easier to direct the marketing effort to directly to qualified prospects with personal selling. 5. Personal selling is less expensive on a per contact basis. Save Answer 27. (Points: 1) For which of the following products would its producer be more likely to choose personal selling rather than advertising or sales promotion to market it? 1. insurance policies 2. hammers 3. office supplies 4. satellite programming guide 5. fresh vegetables Save Answer 28. (Points: 1) AutoFry is the leading manufacturer of ventless deep fryers for supermarket deli and food service operations. It has developed a new high-capacity fryer. The company has decided to purchase a mailing list of thousands of food service managers and to send out brochures with a detachable card that the managers can use to request more information. AutoFry is involved in: 1. lead generation 2. moving through the sales continuum 3. the close procedure 4. sales presentation 5. lead qualification Save Answer 29. (Points: 1) Ramas Llewelyn sells display shelving used in retail stores. He is using _____ to get his sales leads. He is asking his current customers for the names of other retail operations that might be interested in buying his company's shelving. 1. direct marketing 2. referrals 3. networking 4. cold calling 5. noncompeting sales Save Answer 30. (Points: 1) Devone Kanudsky, the junior salesperson for NU-VU Food Services Systems, has been given a list of phone numbers for all the food service managers in his province. Kanudsky has been instructed to call each number on the list and see if the respondent is interested in buying a NU-VU pizza/bread baking system. George is: 1. using cold referrals 2. lead qualifying 3. networking 4. teleconferencing 5. cold calling Save Answer ...
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