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Common Reason for Absenses - Common Reason for Absenses In...

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Common Reason for Absenses In my research I came across a common factor in both schools Truman and Jackson. On May 19 th the schools had a battle of the bands at this point it seems plausible that the bands contracted the cold during there interaction at Battle of The Bands. Testable Hypothesis 1. My first Hypothesis would be that the problem is the West Nile Virus. It is possible the kids all got bit by a mosquito at the battle of the Bands. 2. Another Hypothesis is that the kids ate at a local diner and contracted food poisin from unsanitary conditions. There are 2 different restaurants that the health department reported as unsanitary. Delicious 1296 Dale Street Take your Chances Diner 413 West Oak Ave. Six Questions To Prove Hypothesis 1
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1. Where the children tested for West Nile Virus? 2. Did the Parents or children report any mosquito bites? 3. Was the field located in an area with a lot of mosquitos?
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