Martinia Akers week 5 - repeated steps 3-6 and then...

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Virtual Lab Martinia Akers SCI 300 October, 26, 2010
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Change is influenced by many different factors in many different situations. If you imagine the 400,000 gallons of water in a stream at the top of a hill, you can picture that they will flow down the hill in order to reach equilibrium. But what if the temperature outside is -40 degrees Fahrenheit? How might this change the movement of the water molecules down the hill? If the water is traveling down the hill at -40 it isn’t going to travel very far it is going to turn to ice. How long it will take I couldn’t speculate but it wouldn’t take long I would say within a mater of seconds to a few minutes. When I first entered the simulation I moved the mass to 199 and 1 single ball bounced around. Then I moved the temperature lower and the ball moved very slow. I added the number of balls and they all stayed in the middle for about 2 minutes slowly expanding out. When I merged them it took roughly 2 minutes for the red and blue to come completely together. In the second test I
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Unformatted text preview: repeated steps 3-6 and then increased the temperature and it took the red and blue 10 seconds to completely merge. *Based on your virtual lab experiment, compare what would happen if you put a spoonful of honey into a cup of 200 degree Fahrenheit tea versus placing a spoonful of honey into an identical cup filled with 45 degree Fahrenheit tea. If I dropped honey in a glass of 200 degree tea it would mix faster than if I put the honey in a glass of 45 degree tea. *If you opened up a container of very stinky Limburger cheese at one end of an empty large outdoor parking lot with a group of shoppers about 50 feet away. Would you be able to enjoy eating your snack longer without offending the shoppers in the summer or the winter? Explain. I would say in the winter you could enjoy your snack longer since heat makes things stink worse since it is a hotter temperature. The cool winter weather wouldnt carry the smell as fast since cold tends to reduce odors....
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Martinia Akers week 5 - repeated steps 3-6 and then...

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