Ex-mas - Kate Brian[1] - Ex-mas: A Love/Hate StoryKate...

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Unformatted text preview: Ex-mas: A Love/Hate StoryKate BrianChapter 1***NORTH VALLEY HIGH SCHOOLLOS ANGELESDECEMBER 2211:43 A.M.***Mr. Geary had to be kidding.It was literallymomentsbefore the last bell was supposed to ring on the last half-day of classes--three seconds to Christmas break and the holidaysandfreedom--and the earth science teacher was handing out homework with every indication that he expected people to be paying attention. Had hefinally lost it?"He must be insane," Lila Beckwith muttered to her lab partner, Denny. She took the handout with a heavy sigh and scanned the first page, picking outthe wordsglobal warmingandpolar ice capsbefore stuffing the article into her bag. Winter break was about to start and she had far more pressingthings to attend to. For example, the biggest party of the year. Which she happened to be throwing. Tonight.Assuming earth science ever ended.2RINNNGGGGG!Finally!Lila leaped from her seat and raced for the door, getting caught up in the swell of excited kids streaming down the hallway. The lacrosse guys jostledone another outside the classroom. A pack of drama geeks linked arms and sang "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" in four-part harmony as theyheaded past the main office. Such was Lila's sudden rush of vacation-induced holiday spirit that for once she didn't even find them annoying.The sea of laughing, happy teenagers swept through the halls and out the front door, delivering Lila into a typically perfect Southern California day. Thesky was blue and flawless, palm trees rustled in the slight breeze, and the sun was warm on her face. Off to the south, the Santa Monica Mountains rose inthe distance, marking the barrier between the San Fernando Valley and the city of Los Angeles. The front steps of North Valley High were divided too:Seniors lounged around the upper steps in their assorted social groups, juniors took over the flat landing below them, and underclassmen occupied thelowest steps, closest to the parking lot. Lila pushed her dark hair over her shoulder with a smile. Every single one of them wanted to go to her party."I hope you're ready for tonight!" Lila's best friend, Carly, called from her usual place at the top of the wide steps,3surrounded by a cluster of girls. She was blond and sunny--the perfect foil to Lila's dark brunette looks. Lila liked to think of them as yin and yang, orSerena and Blair. Together, they were the leaders of the most popular group of girls in the senior class, and thus the entirety of North Valley High."You know it," Lila said with a grin, easing her way to the place reserved for her at Carly's side. Yoon Lee and Rebecca Gans, two inseparable seniors,parted ways to make room, and Melinda Dennis, an enterprising, wide-eyed sophomore, practically polished the railing for her to lean against. Lila easedbetween the girls, happy to be at the center of their group. She'd worked hard to get there, after all. If she wished that it all came as effortlessly to her as itdid to carefree, beautiful, and beloved Carly, well, she kept that to herself.did to carefree, beautiful, and beloved Carly, well, she kept that to herself....
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Ex-mas - Kate Brian[1] - Ex-mas: A Love/Hate StoryKate...

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