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Leah Smith Reflection #13 Bibliography 1. Anschutz, Doeschka. “Watching your weight? The relations between watching soaps and music television and body dissatisfaction and restrained eating in young girls.” Psychology & Health Nov 2009: 1035-1050 Academic Search Premier. Web 22 Oct. 2010. 2. Kilbourne, Jean. Beauty and Body Image in the Media, Feb 2008. Web. 26 Oct. 2010. 3. Robyn, Birkeland et al. “Media exposure, mood, and body image dissatisfaction: an experimental test of person versus product priming.” Body Image 6 Nov 2004: 53-61 ScienceDirect. Web 26 Oct 2010. 4. Sigman, Aric.”How Super Skinny TV Stars Are Harming Our Health” Daily Mail 18 Oct 2010. LexisNexis Web. 27 Oct. 2010. 5. Anschutz, Engels, Van Leeuwe, Strien. “The bold and the beautiful. Influence of body size of televised media models on body dissatisfaction and actual food
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Unformatted text preview: intake.” Appetite Nov 2008: 530-537 Acedemic Search Premier. Web 25 Oct. 2010 6. Soyer, Meral Turk. “Effects of social determinants on food choice and skipping meals among Turkish adolescents.” Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2008: 208-215 Academic Search Premier. Web 22 Oct. 2010 7. Johansson, Linda. “Attentional bias for negative self-words in young women The role of thin ideal priming and body shape dissatisfaction.” Personality & Individual Differences Feb2005: 723-733 Academic Search Premier. Web 24 Oct. 2010 8. Hayes, Sharon. “Am I too fat to be a princess? Examining the effects of popular children's media on young girls' body image.” British Journal of Developmental Psychology Jun 2010: 413-426 LexisNexis. Web 27 Oct. 2010...
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