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Leah Smith Reflection #16 Rhetorical Prospectus for your Academic Argument Essay (Reflection #16) “A prospectus details a plan for a proposed work. A rhetorical prospectus will start you thinking about what, to whom, how, and why you are writing.” (p. 21 in the Aims of Argument , 4 th edition) As you plan your academic argument, answer the following questions thoroughly, helpfully, and completely. Assume you are writing this to your classmates as a proposal for your essay. Pay very close attention between #3 and #4. 1) What are you claiming? a. I am claiming that media such as magazines, advertisements, music videos, TV shows et. has a negative effect on women’s’ and girls’ body image and satisfaction . 2) What do you want to accomplish? (What is your purpose for writing this argument?) a. My purpose for writing this paper is to illustrate to women and girls that the images and videos they see of women in movies, TV shows, and advertisements are digitally altered and that they set unrealistic standards of beauty. 3)
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