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Leah Smith Creating Meaning All colors have different meanings to different people; however, through the design element of color people are able to create specific meaning. When someone sees a specific color in a picture, movie, advertisement, or other type of media they involuntarily begin to associate that color with a certain feeling or emotion. People can associate red with love and romance or they could link red to blood, war, and battles. Depending on the picture and what emotion the author is trying to convey the perception of what colors mean can change. Arrangement of elements such as contrast, alignment, proximity, and focal point is an important part to any type of picture and with these different elements the author is able to create meaning. The focal point on any piece is extremely important it is what draws the eye of the readers to this picture, it’s the central point of interest, it makes this specific image stand out
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Unformatted text preview: from others and its the main subject of the piece. The focal point allows people a place of interest to hold their attention so they simply dont glance at the photo and move on. How close or far away things are place from one another is also an important thing to consider. It can create meaning by having things associated with one another or contrasted against one another. Alignment goes along with placement of things. The way the photo is aligned can be up/down left/right or even diagonal and all of these alignments allow for different meanings to be created. Repetition is also an important factor when trying to create meaning in a photo. Repetition of certain objects, colors, or shapes allows the author to stress specific things in the picture. It depicts what in the picture is important and what you should pay attention to....
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