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Detailed SummaryFinal - Mary Annette Rose argues her...

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Mary Annette Rose argues her opinion of the detrimental effects of offshore oil drilling and production which effects the environment, animals, plants, and people surrounded by the oil . Rose beings her essay “The Environmental Impacts of Offshore Oil Drilling” by explaining the characteristics of petroleum . Rose exemplifies the difficulties in forming fossil fuels informing the readers it takes millions of years of heat and pressure applied to prehistoric vegetation and animals to produce crude oil . Rose presents the challenge of drilling into deep parts of the ocean, which produces a change in pressure that increases as the depth increases . Oil workers must use pressured drilling fluids to offset the difference of high-pressure and high-temperature gases that if not contained pose threats of oil-well blowouts emitting oil, produced water, and pressurized natural gas . Rose illustrates the damaging effects of blowouts explaining these spills kill thousands of birds, fish, and marine mammals . The frequency of these blowouts has been reduced thanks to modern
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Detailed SummaryFinal - Mary Annette Rose argues her...

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