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How Super Skinny TV stars are harmiung our health

How Super Skinny TV stars are harmiung our health - Page 1...

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Page 1 3 of 184 DOCUMENTS DAILY MAIL (London) October 18, 2010 Monday HOW SUPER SKINNY TV STARS ARE HARMING OUR HEALTH LENGTH: 1056 words DR ARIC SIGMAN Jutting collar bones, twiglet legs and razor-sharp cheek bones. It wasn't so long ago that these were unenviable signs that a woman had lost too much weight or, worse, was suffering from an eating disorder. Now, however, it's hard to think of a female celebrity who isn't that thin Ñ not just models and actresses, but newsread- ers and children's TV presenters. So much so that women and children not only view skeletal frames as normal, but as something they wish to emulate. There has been an 80 per cent rise in young girls being hospitalised with anorexia in the past ten years. And body dis- satisfaction is affecting younger and younger children. In a recent study published in the British Journal of Develop- mental Psychology, almost half of the three to six-year-old girls surveyed said they worried about being fat. Yet any serious correlation between visual media and the rise of eating disorders has largely been dismissed. Until now, so-called ' body politics' has been a cultural and psychological debate, owned feminists and eating-disorder therapists. They dismissed blaming the visual media as too simplistic. However, new research shows there is a much stronger link between visual media and eating disorders. Repeated ex- posure to images of thin women alters brain function and increases our propensity to develop eating disorders. Even more interesting is the fact that while these neurological changes occur in women, they do not in men.
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