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Leah Smith CO 300 Oct 22, 2010 Daily writings related to academic argument and public argument My topic is the affect that the media has on young girls and woman’s body image and self confidence. My views are that the media presents unrealistic standards for girls to live up to and because of these they feel they aren’t good enough and their self esteem and confidence is torn down. I’m hoping to find evidence that supports this with statistics from research projects and hopefully find a way to change these standards so adolescent girls and women do not have to feel bad about their self image. Oct 25, 2010 The source I find to be the most helpful or significant is the article titled “Presenting thin media models affects women’s choice of diet or normal snacks”. I find this article to be so helpful because it shows a direct correlation to the affects media has on women’s self confidence. When shown thin models in advertisements the women felt they should restrain their eating behaviors. Others might be interested in this source because it
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