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Leah Smith Description of picture The image is a picture of a girl standing in front of a large two panel mirror closet door. Both panels of the mirror have rounded white handles. The back side of the girl is covering most of the panel on the left and her reflection is taking up the right panel. The girl’s reflection is showing but it is what she sees herself as. You see the real image of the girl from her backside. She is pale, extremely skinny, her legs, when standing do not touch each other. Her entire spine is showing as well as her hip and shoulder bones. Her blonde hair is set to one side and swayed over the shoulder. Her arms do not touch her sides and she looks frail. The reflection of the girl is much different though. Her legs appear larger and her thighs touch one another, her stomach although still flat does not show off her hip bones. Her arms are held close to her sides and touch. She is only wearing a bra and underwear, both of which are white. The reflection, which
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Unformatted text preview: shows the front of the girl has her hands held tightly together in front of her breasts with a black bracelet on the left hand. The girl has bangs and it covers the corner of her eye and forehead on the left side of her body opposite that of the hair pulled over her shoulder. The girl is standing on a white rug which is placed on light hardwood floors. The rug is only seen in the reflection in the mirror. A small grey stuffed toy seal hangs from the left handle on the mirror from a long green ribbon. The girls face looks concerned and unhappy there is no smile. Her mouth is slightly open and her eyes are straight ahead looking back at her reflection. Behind the girl, seen in the reflection is a bed with a red comforter. The wall behind her in the reflection is striped pink and purple. Behind the girls right shoulder in the reflection there is a poster of a golden retriever puppy....
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