Reflection1-Expanding the Concept of Literacy

Reflection1-Expanding the Concept of Literacy -...

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Leah Smith In “Expanding the Concept of Literacy”, Elizabeth Daley argues that in order for someone to be considered literate, they must not only be able to read and write text, but they must also be able to read and write the language of media. To begin, there are several words that can be used to define literacy and different people may define it in many different ways. I agree with Daley; in this new millennium, in order to be considered literate, we not only need to be able to understand media but to create our own. Daley talks about different colleges and high schools offering classes or sections that focus directly on expanding the understanding of media literacy, and I feel this is incredibility useful and more schools should begin doing the same. Over the years, our lives have begun to depend more and more on computers, TV, and other media to convey intricate meanings and significance without the use of words. I feel utilizing multimedia language facilitates different ways of thinking and
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Unformatted text preview: communicating without being tied down by the constraints of words having specific definitions and meanings. With media as a language, I am able to perceive a movie or a television show in ways that words could not create. Furthermore, I believe to be considered completely literate, not only in the use of words but in media as well, we need to accept the language of multimedia as something equal with the language of text. Using media as a way to convey ideas gives people an alternative to the norm of using just text, allowing people to communicate, teach, learn, and even conduct research in diverse ways. This synthesis of media and text language permits us to construct new ideas and different views ultimately creating new meanings within particular contexts. I believe, like Daley, it is more than necessary to be able to not only read and write text but to read and write media....
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Reflection1-Expanding the Concept of Literacy -...

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