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Reflection2- Fighting For Our Lives(2)

Reflection2- Fighting For Our Lives(2) - about “The...

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Leah Smith In “Fighting for our Lives”, written by Deborah Tannen, Tannen argues that in today’s world, people are tied down by the social norm: everything’s a fight, and being so there’s always someone who’s right and someone who’s wrong. To begin, Tannen conveyed our lives are surrounded by war stories, debates, and fighting. Specific words in headlines such as war and battle are purposely used to catch our attention, and the everyday expressions we use have a militaristic style and are full of attack imagery. Tannen asserts the importance and power of words and depicts how they shape perception based on the type of words used. Specific words create imagery, and we have a difficult time disassociating the image from the word keeping us “Fighting for our Lives.” However, I feel these metaphors, headlines, debates, and fights are extremely important. Headlines use those words in order to catch attention because it works. People want to know
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Unformatted text preview: about “The Science Wars” and “The Mammogram War” and it’s because of the imagery. We picture defeating breast cancer and furthering our scientific knowledge. Furthermore, Tannen asserts continuing to think of our lives as battles leads us to structure many different human ideas and interactions as a fight between two sides, but I don’t believe this is a bad thing. Making everything a battle or an argument is like Tannen said how we progress and think as humans. This progressive thinking, whether it be defeating cancer, or defeating an opponent in battle, or a debate is what encourages people to continue struggling for the things they deem important. I believe this is incredibly valuable and is what allows us to progress with new ideas and perspectives, not only as individuals, but in specific communities and, more so even as a race....
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