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Reflection3- Question about Chaper 1 - ideas as his or her...

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Leah Smith 8/27/10 Reflection #3 Why is it so important when writing an argument that you take into account the audience you are targeting and what are some strategies and techniques you can use to encourage your audience to accept your claim? Every type of paper, from argumentative, to research, to nonfictional has an intended audience. Depending on the type of information you are trying to convey, it is important to note who is going to be reading your ideas and thoughts. To begin, as a writer, it is important to remember the different types of relationships people have with one another. Knowing about your intended audience’s social, cultural, economic and geographic context is what enables you to invoke the reader. For example, an author arguing a specific topic is able to employ pronoun usage such as “you”, “us”, or “we” to connect them, the reader and author, to one another and to allow the reader to feel as if they are a part of a group. The reader is then able to accept these
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Unformatted text preview: ideas as his or her own. Furthermore, it is important to remember context when an author is trying to appeal to a certain audience. Particular groups of people react to emotional appeals strongly where as others find logical or ethical arguments more appealing, so it is important you know which type of group will be reading your paper. One technique is implementing emotional appeals. Being able to evoke emotions in readers allows the author to shape a specific response and allow for the audience to accept his or hers claim. Another technique is the use of ethos, or ethical appeals. More people will accept an argument when the person presenting it seems to uphold good morals and is trustworthy and it allows the author to show the shared values between him and the reader. A last technique would be utilizing appeals to logic. An author capable of presenting facts and information about a subject creates a firm argument that people would be more likely to accept....
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