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Reflection4- Two Summaries

Reflection4- Two Summaries - paper by explaining why she is...

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Leah Smith Reflection 4 8/31/10 In “Offshore Oil Drilling: Buying Energy Dependence or Buying Time” Stephen Baird argues that with rising food prices, unemployment, and climate disasters the United States needs to see that environmental concerns do not add up to the concerns of energy supplies. Baird goes on to address environmental and safety concerns urging that new technology and resources have improved not only the safety of oil pipes and so forth but also the efficiency when looking and retrieving oil. Furthermore, Baird talks about America’s dependency on foreign oil and depicts through presidential quote oil dependency on foreign countries has been and still is an issue that needs to be dealt with. He finishes his paper by discussing the growing need for energy and the benefits of offshore drilling with China and India’s growing economy. In “The Environmental Impacts of Offshore Oil Drilling” Mary Annette Rose argues her opinion on the detrimental effects of offshore oil exploration and production. Rose begins her
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Unformatted text preview: paper by explaining why she is writing it: a counter to Baird’s proposition. She starts her argument that offshore oil drilling is bad by mentioning several oil spills that have occurred and the amounts of crude oil spilled into the ocean. She goes on to further her argument by stating the effects of oil spills on the environment and marine life. As well, in her paper Rose addresses the wastes produced from offshore drilling. She goes into detail about the different types of chemicals and carcinogens released and even into the methods. She then focuses on the harmful effects offshore drilling has on humans whether it be workers, victims of oil spills, rescue workers or just sea food consumers. She finishes her paper by explaining not only are the waste products toxic and harmful to everyone around the oil that is then used for energy produces carbon dioxide which causes global warming and ocean acidification....
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Reflection4- Two Summaries - paper by explaining why she is...

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