Reflection5- EB white

Reflection5- EB white - o Use active voice o Omit needless...

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Leah Smith Reflection #5 To me this quote means that no matter the level of talented or the years you’ve been writing there is always room for improvement and you can always learn something new especially from this book. In relation to this writing course it means that as a class and peers we are able to help each other with our writing and papers. Each person has something to learn from one another especially when working in workshops and so forth Style is an important part of all writing and this quote relates to style because everyone can use some kind of help finding their own writing style and improving their voice in their writing. Realize writing is hard, even for people who’ve been doing it for years Revise and rewrite. Revise and rewrite. Revise and rewrite Learn the rules of usage and principles of composition that are most commonly violated to avoid doing so o Do not break up sentences
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Unformatted text preview: o Use active voice o Omit needless words o Keep summaries to one tense • Know where you stand and makes positions clear and plausible • Be certain rather than irresolute as its better to be wrong than not sure • Write in a way that come naturally to you o Use words and phrases you understand • Do not overwrite or overstate o Delete excess words • Do not use qualifiers o Rather, little, very, pretty ect • Use orthodox spelling and keep spelling the same through the entire paper • Do not over explain with adverbs or make up awkward adverbs • Avoid using “fancy” words and be clear, concise and to the point • Do not inject your opinion or use foreign language • Do not use unusual words and keep to the standard • Use figures of speech such as metaphors and similes sparingly o Make sure they are clear and understood by all as well...
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Reflection5- EB white - o Use active voice o Omit needless...

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