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Reflection7- Toulmin Complete - A Toulmin Model for...

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A Toulmin Model for Analyzing Arguments (modified from Timothy W. Crusius and Carolyn E. Channell, The Aims of Argument ) Claim: In “Dear Leader” written by Jonathon Chait he claims the effectiveness of the President is being judged by emotional terms and shows unrealistic expectations of US presidency. Reason 1: The author argues President Obama’s response to the BP oil spill was criticized for explaining the state of disaster and the government’s planned response. o What makes this reason relevant? The oil spill is currently going on and people are still looking to Obama for emotional support and expecting unrealistic things from him. o What makes this reason effective? It is a current event and applies to several people. What evidence supports this reason? The actual purpose of the event, as both the questioners and the questionee understood, was for Obama to perform his talismanic role. Indeed, the assembled media judged the president’s performance almost entirely in emotional terms. The initial reviews found him wanting. New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny concluded, “[I]t remains an open question whether the measured tone that has become the soundtrack of Mr. Obama’s presidency— a detached, calm, observational pitch— served to drive the point home that he is
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Reflection7- Toulmin Complete - A Toulmin Model for...

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