Reflection10- 3 Prompts

Reflection10- 3 Prompts - Leah Smith Reflection #10 Prompt...

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Leah Smith Reflection #10 Prompt #4: In the BWM advertisement there is a picture of a dog sucked into the chair. The bottom the ad reads “The new BWM M5. Never underestimate the influence of centrifugal force.” The humor of this advertisement makes several emotional appeals. The first emotional appeal is the dog in the picture. Many people can associate with a having a dog and most people find dogs are caring and trustworthy. The fact the dog is sitting in the back seat of the car allows people to associate bring their dog on the car trip with them. Also, the humor that the dog has been sucked into the car has an emotional appeal to the readers as well. The people can then imagine the quick turns and speed that would have caused the dog to slide into the chair. They then image themselves driving the car and having such an event occur. I think this advertisement is effective because it brings in the emotional appeal of dogs and makes its humorous by using the dog. Prompt #1: Oprah Winfrey- Books, health products, just about anything. Oprah is an American icon that many people look for to advice. Oprah can sell just about any idea, campaign, or product because of the support she has. Margaret Cho- Has several comedy shows about gays and lesbians, she would make a good public argument about it. She has also appeared in TV shows so health and beauty products would probably benefit as well. Something that would not benefit from her endorsement would be political campaigns. Kate Winslet- Health and beauty products would benefit as well as fashion. Things that would
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Reflection10- 3 Prompts - Leah Smith Reflection #10 Prompt...

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