Reflection11- Roses Opinion

Reflection11- Roses Opinion - Rose depicts the large...

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Leah Smith Reflection #11 According to Rose there are several overwhelming reasons why writing and editorial rhetorical analysis essay is important . Rose begins by explaining the importance of writing for an audience . He explains that students come from very diverse educational backgrounds but they all have the opportunity to learn to write for a diverse population . Rose explains why it is important to keep your arguments short, concise, and to the point eliminating jargon and excessive words . Being able to write for a wide audience in a 700-800 word opinion piece or 1,500-2,500 word magazine article pushes students to present their evidence in key statistics or examples . In specific CO300 students should write editorial rhetorical analysis essays because of the changing media and type of published work . Rose describes the narrowing expectations of public writing and emphasizes the importance of being concise without losing your main argument
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Unformatted text preview: . Rose depicts the large diverse population of the public and how rhetoric and composition connects to the interests they hold which includes subjects ranging from literacy to teaching to undergraduate education . A editorial rhetorical analysis essay allows the students to write about what they are passionate about but do so meaningfully . By writing this type of paper the students are able to make a change and push others to see their point of view and ideas to a diverse population: the public . There are many different types of writing and audiences but when writing for a diverse audience such as the public an editorial rhetorical analysis essay according to Rose is the best route to chose because its concise and to the point which allows its audience to be persuaded....
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Reflection11- Roses Opinion - Rose depicts the large...

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