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Math 106 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Analytic Geometry & Calculus I Fall 2009 COURSE SYLLABUS Text : University Calculus by Hass, Weir, and Thomas, ISBN: 0-321-35014-6. ACE Outcome 3 : This course satisfes ACE Outcome 3. You will apply mathematical reasoning and computations to draw conclusions, solve problems, and learn to check to see iF your answer is reasonable. Your instructor will provide examples, you will discuss them in class, and you will practice with numerous homework problems. The exams will test how well you have mastered the material. Math Placement : Students who take Math 106 must satisFy the requirements oF the Math Placement Policy. You satisFy the policy iF you satisFy one oF the Following conditions: 1. You have passed UNL’s Math 102 or 103 (or the equivalent course at UNO or UNK) with a grade oF C, P or better. 2. You have passed the prerequisite courses in high school or at another college and have a qualiFying score on the Math Placement Exam dated aFter October 2008. The Math Placement Exam will be given online at the College Testing Center (Burnett 127). ±or more details, check the department web site: ( 3. You have a grade oF D, D+, or C- in this course From UNL, UNO, or UNK. Calculators : A graphing calculator can be useFul For this course, and the TI-83, TI-84 and TI-86 are recommended. However, ALL CALCULATORS that have a built-in computer algebra system (CAS) will not be permitted during any oF the exams or quizzes. Examples oF CAS calculators include the TI-89, TI-92, TI-Nspire, HP-40, HP-41, Casio ALGEBRA ±X 2.0, Casio ClassPad 300, and Casio ClassPad 330.
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GeneralSyllabus%20M106-F09 - Math 106 Analytic Geometry...

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