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Policies%20M106-650%20F09 - collected for grading Skipping...

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Course Policies Math 106 (650-655), Fall 2009 Instructor Daniel Toundykov Avery Hall 223, [email protected] , (402) 472-5992 Office Hours Monday, Thursday 3:00 - 4:30 PM, in Avery 223 And by appointment - just send me an email in advance. Also feel free to email your questions to me; I usually respond fairly quickly. My grade total HW pts 30 × #homeworks · 7% + (total quiz pts) - (2 lowest) 10 × (#quizzes - 2) · 8% + (project pts) 100 · 8%+ + (gateway PASS/FAIL) · 7% + ± Exam1 100 + Exam2 100 + Exam3 100 ² · 14% + (FINAL) 200 · 28% Grade breakdown 96-100: A+ 86-88: B+ 76-78: C+ 64-66: D+ 92-95: A 82-85: B 70-75: C 60-63: D 89-91: A- 79-81: B- 67-69: C- 56-59: D- None of the mid-term exam grades will be curved. Some curving may take place when determining the final grade. Homework See the assignments on the main syllabus. Each Wednesday (except the 1st one) in recitation you will submit 3 problems from those assigned during the previous week. I will announce on Tuesday which three problems are to be graded. So I only have to do 3 problems each week? No, you must do ALL of the problems on the list of assignments. But only three will be
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Unformatted text preview: collected for grading. Skipping assigned problems will make it much harder for you to follow the lectures. Homework is also your primary preparation for quizzes and exams. What’s on the quiz? A problem (or two) from the homework assigned last week (and if we didn’t have a quiz the week before, the new quiz could include homework from two weeks ago). No calculators on quizzes! Will we get practice problems? Some review exercises - yes, but they will not be exhaustive and won’t help you prepare for the exams unless you have finished the regular homework. Make-ups NO MAKE-UP QUIZZES! Two lowest quiz grades get dropped (i.e. technically you can miss two without it directly impacting your grade). Midterm make-ups will only be given if I get notified two weeks in advance, or in case of an emergency. EARLY FINAL IS IMPOSSIBLE! The final will take place Wed. Dec 16, 6-8pm ....
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