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The final for this class (Biology 101 sec 20) is Friday from 10am – 12 in the same room we have been meeting for class. You will be sitting in the same assigned seats you have used for the previous three exams. The final is comprehensive, but a major portion of the exam (~40%) will focus on the new information from chapters 34 – 38. That means everything that we have covered through Monday, Dec 7 th is included on the test. The remaining portion of the exam (~60%) will cover the materials from the rest of the class. There will be 75 questions on the exam, a mixture of T/F and multiple choice. It will be in scan-tron (bubble sheet) format so remember to bring an #2 pencil. I have been getting a lot of questions regarding exactly what to study for the exam. Basically a comprehensive exams means it covers everything we have learned, so in essence anything we talked about during the semester could show up on the exam. Now, that being said, I certainly can not test over everything we learned in 2 hours – so I will not be testing over any topics that we did not cover in some depth. Basically, if I did not ask something about the subject in an exam/homework/book problem then it will not be on the exam. I think a good way to study for the test is to use the old exams, the book questions, and any homework assignments as ‘guides’. I will not be using questions off of the old exams directly – so just memorizing the answers to the questions on the old exams will not be much help. So an example of what I mean by using the questions as a guide. On exam 1 I asked the questions A solution with a pH of 1 A) Is strongly acidic B) Is weakly acidic C) Is weakly basic D) Is strongly basic E) Is neutral The answer is A. But when studying for the final, I would ask myself what is an acid? what is a base? and what is a neutral? Rough endoplasmic reticulum
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Final - Comments on the final and student questions The...

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