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Quiz_Preparation U09 - • Be precise in your word choice...

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Some Tips for Preparing for BIOS101L Weekly Quizzes How to Prepare for the Quiz Take notes during the pre-lab discussion guided by your TA. Make sure you understand all of the vocabulary used in a lab. Make sure you know what the key concepts of each lab are, and that you understand them. Make sure you understand the logic behind any experiment you do. Make sure you know what equipment is used in a lab, and what it does, how it works, and what kind of information or data it provides. Make sure you are familiar with the general biology of any organism used in a lab. How to Take the Quiz Read each question carefully and think about what you are being asked to know. Make sure you answer all parts of each question. Be specific in your answers (unless we directly ask for a general answer).
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Unformatted text preview: • Be precise in your word choice and use appropriate terminology. How to Evaluate Yourself • Do you read the background and procedures packets before coming to lab? Do you review them after lab and while preparing for the quiz? • Do you read the indicated sections in your textbook? Most of the quiz questions are based on what you actually do in lab, but understanding the underlying concepts and logic of the labs will help you in preparing for both the experiments and the quizzes. • Do you answer the concept questions? • Do you contact your TA, or meet with some TA during office hours when you are having troubles with understanding what happened in lab? You can visit with any TA....
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