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Review for final exam 12/10/09 **The final exam will take place on Monday, December 14, from 3:30-5:30 pm in our usual classroom.** The final exam will focus on material covered since the midterm, i.e. Unit III, Blood Sports. I will still expect you to remember basic facts about the first half of the course, like that we read some Roman comedies, or what a triumph was, but I will only ask detailed questions about material from Unit III. OUTLINE OF THE COURSE I. Roman Drama A. Roman comedy ( fabula palliata ) 1. Plautus a. Major Blowhard b. The Wild, Wild Women c. Double Bind 2. Terence a. The Brothers b. The Mother-in-Law B. other Roman dramatic genres: tragedy, mime, pantomime, Atellan farce, fabula crepidata (Roman comedies set in Rome), fabula togata (Roman history plays?), fabula praetexta (plays about “great men” from Roman history) II. Spectacle and the Roman Elite A. The triumph B. Aristocratic funerals C. Case studies: Nero and Commodus III. Blood Sports ( munera ) A. Chariot racing 1. the Circus Maximus 2. mechanics and layout of racetrack 3. stables and factions 4. enduring popularity B. the Colosseum 1. construction 2. seating 3. types of events C. Military re-enactments 1. on land 2. aquatic ( naumachiae )
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D. Animal spectacles 1. “hunts” (man vs. animal) 2. tamed animals performing 3. animals fighting each other 4. animals killing criminals ( damnatio ad bestias ) E. Spectacular executions 1. common lower-class executions
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spectacle_lecture_12_10_09 - Spectacle Entertainment in...

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