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ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Faculty of Mechanical Engineering MAK 411E Experimental Methods in Engineering Osman Akın Kutlar “Determining The Pipe Friction Loss and Local Losses through a Closed Pumping System” Experiment Report Automotive Division 05.04.2010 – 10.30:12.30 Adem Candaş
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030050019 Aim of the Experiment: In the heat pipe loses experiment our aim is to analyse the pipe friction loss coefficient with respect to non-dimensional Re number in the turbulance flow and the local losses occur in the loop. There is a closed-loop system which consists of flat pipes,valves,orrifice,elbows, sudden expansion and contraction parts. The water from a tank is pumped by the help of a centrifugal pump.During the water flows inside the pipes, the piezometric heads are measured by the help of piezometric tubes which are placed to appropriate points.For measuring the flow rate of the water a volumetric type flow meter is installed to the system.The flow rate is determined by counting the volumetric flow per unit time using a chronometer.And the flow rate is changed with the control valve next to the pump. Schematic Draw of the Test Apparatus: Test Equipment This stand is a closed loop arrangement which consist of straight, long pieces of pipes fed by a centrifugal pump, which suck water from a tank. Head loss measurement is to be performed using a differential manometer connected at a distance of L mm to both sides of a pipe. The pipe friction loss will be calculated for five different pipes.
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adem fluid - ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Faculty of...

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