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Balncing 1.sayfa - planes one by one By doing this we aimed...

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EXPERIMENTAL METHODS in ENGINEERING Balancing Report What Causes unbalance ? Unbalance in rotating mechinery has become an increasingly important problem in the  development   of   high   speed   rotating   mechinery   where   relaibilty   is   a   significiant  consideration. Unbalance is the most common source of vibration in the rotating components  of mechines. For example in turbo mechinery, drive shaft, machine tool elements. .. By  definition balancing is the process of attampting to improve the mass istribution of a rotor so  that it rotates its bearing without uncompansated centrifugal forces.  In this experiment, first we observed the unbalance rotational system in two planes. After  that we have tried to eliminate the unbalance of the system by adding certain masses in the 
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Unformatted text preview: planes one by one. By doing this we aimed to correspond the axis of the rotating system with the rotation axis. In the elimination of the unbalance we tried to calculate the vectoral changes that were created by the additional masses. And then we tried to calculate the amound of masses and their angles. Steps of balancing experiment: 1) We observed the system whether it is balanced or not. 2) We measured the initial amplitute and phase. We used the ISO standart 1940, and we calculated the allowable unbalance and suitable trial mass. 3) We observed the system if the amplitued and phase changed %25 and 25º respectively. 4) We calculated the correction mass and angle using a vector diagram or a balancing computer program....
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