hw6 - Exercise 2.74(define(get-record employee...

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;; Exercise 2.74 (define (get-record employee div-file) ((get 'get-record (type-tag div-file)) employee (contents div-file))) (define (get-salary record) (apply-generic 'salary record)) (define (find-employee-record employee divisions) (cond ((null? divisions) (error "No such employee")) ((get-record employee (car divisions))) (else (find-employee-record employee (cdr divisions))))) ; To add a new division, you must create a package for the ; division, make sure the division's personnel file is tagged ; with the division name, and add the division's file to the ; list of files used as argument to find-employee-record. ; ;; Exercise 2.75 (define (make-from-mag-ang x y) (define (dispatch op) (cond ((eq? op 'real-part) x) ((eq? op 'imag-part) y) ((eq? op 'magnitude) (* x (cos y))) ((eq? op 'angle) (* x (sin y))) (else (error "Unknown op -- MAKE-FROM-MAG-ANG" op)))) dispatch) ;; Exercise 2.76 ; Explicit Dispatch ; Need to add a dispatch for every type and operation pair ; ; Data-Directed Style ; Since this style is additive, the new set of types and its ; operations can be added seperately from others. the
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hw6 - Exercise 2.74(define(get-record employee...

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