dd.sets.fw - (if result (what-if-found (cadr result))...

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; ***** ; Functions that implement data-directed programming (from Concrete Abstractions). (define (make-type name operation-table) (cons name operation-table) ) (define type-name car) (define type-operation-table cdr) (define (operate operation-name value) (table-find (type-operation-table (type value)) operation-name (lambda (procedure) (procedure (contents value))) (lambda ( ) (error "No way of doing operation on type" operation-name (type-name (type value)) ) ) ) ) (define (make-table keys values) (map list keys values) ) (define (table-find table key what-if-found what-if-not) (let ((result (assoc key table)))
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Unformatted text preview: (if result (what-if-found (cadr result)) (what-if-not)) ) ) ; ***** ; Set up of types for data-directed programming. (define list-set-type (make-type 'list ... ) ) (define intvls-set-type (make-type 'intvls ... ) ) ; ***** ; Generic operations on sets. (define (member? x set) ((operate 'member? set) x) ) (define (with-element x set) ((operate 'with-element set) x) ) (define (elements set) ((operate 'elements set)) ) ; ***** ; Utility functions. (define (find-if p L) (cond ((null? L) #f) ((p (car L)) (car L)) (else (find-if p (cdr L))) ) )...
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dd.sets.fw - (if result (what-if-found (cadr result))...

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