im-bots - 'message-ignored) )) ;; This is the core of...

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(load "~cs61a/lib/im-client") ;; USAGE: ;; > (define e (instantiate echo-bot)) ;; > (im-enroll-bot "" 52822 e 'echo) ; (define (im-enroll-bot server-address port bot name) (let ((realname whoiam)) (set! whoiam name) (im-enroll server-address port) (if port-from-server (begin (setup-bot port-from-server bot) 'okay) (begin (set! whoiam realname) #f) ))) (define-class (chat-bot) (method (receive-msg sender data) 'okay) ; For subclassing. (method (client-list sender data) (update-client-list data) )) (define-class (echo-bot) (parent (chat-bot)) (method (receive-msg sender data) (im sender data) )) ; Like on Fa10 MT2, though it doesn't know its own name. (define-class (grumpy-bot tolerance) (parent (chat-bot)) (method (receive-msg sender data) (set! tolerance (- tolerance 1)) (if (>= tolerance 0) (im sender '(dont talk to me))
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Unformatted text preview: 'message-ignored) )) ;; This is the core of im-bots.scm. ;; It changes the socket's input callback to work with the bot. ;; If you understand this and the original SETUP-REQUEST-HANDLER, ;; you probably get client-server programming. (define (setup-bot port-from-server bot) ;;;Handle messages from the server by turning them into OO messages. (define (request-handler) (let ((req (get-request port-from-server))) (if (not req) (close-connection) (begin (format logging "Received request: ~S~%" req) ; This is the really important line! (ask bot (request-action req) (request-src req) (request-data req)) (if (and (not (port-closed? port-from-server)) (char-ready? port-from-server)) (request-handler)))))) (when-port-readable port-from-server request-handler))...
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