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#| Common code between the client and server WARNING: requests cannot contain invalid read characters. e.g. don't try to send procedure objects or other objects that STk prints as #[. ..] Example misuse: (send-request (make-request 'dummy1 'dummy2 'send-msg car)) |# ;; REQUEST ADT (define (make-request src dst action data) (list src dst action data)) (define (request-src req) (list-ref req 0)) (define (request-dst req) (list-ref req 1)) (define (request-action req) (list-ref req 2)) (define (request-data req) (list-ref req 3)) ;; SEND/GET Request from ports (define (send-request req write-port) (if (and (not (null? write-port)) (not (port-closed? write-port)))
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Unformatted text preview: (begin (format write-port "~S" req) (flush write-port) 'okay) (begin (format #t "Could not send request to port.~%") #f))) (define (get-request read-port) (if (and (not (null? read-port)) (not (port-closed? read-port))) (let ((result #f)) (if (catch (let ((raw-msg (read read-port))) (if (eof-object? raw-msg) (format #t "Could not get request from port (EOF)~%") (set! result raw-msg)))) (format #t "Could not get request from port (bad input)~%") ) result) (begin (format #t "Could not get request from port (EOF)~%") #f)))...
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