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1 Lecture 01: Introduction Instructor: Dr. Gleb V. Tcheslavski Contact: [email protected] Office Hours: Room 2030 Class web site: http://ee.lamar.edu/gleb/dsp/ind ex htm ELEN 4304/5346 Digital Signal Processing Fall 2008 Based on ECE 4624 by Dr. A.A. (Louis) Beex, Virginia Tech ex.htm 2 Syllabus overview Pre-req.: ELEN 3313 Signals and Systems or their equivalent Required book: Sanjit K. Mitra, Digital-Signal Processing: A Computer-Based Sanjit K. Mitra, Digital Signal Processing: A Computer Based Approach, McGraw-Hill Co., Third edition, 2004, ISBN: 0-07-286546-6. Required software: The Mathworks, The Student Edition of MATLAB, Release 2006a or later. Structure: Two 75-minute lectures per week. One homework, three projects, midterm exam, and the final examination. Tests: The Midterm and Final exams will be closed book/notes. Your ELEN 4304/5346 Digital Signal Processing Fall 2008 performance on the Projects will account for the bulk of your grade. Honor System: Discussions on lecture subject material, to clarify your understanding, are highly encouraged. However, it is your personal understanding only that should be reflected in all work that you turn in. Any copyright violations (including copying articles and/or web pages to your reports) will be prosecuted!
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