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Proposed 1 PHED 2603 HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I Semester Hours: 3 Semester/Year: Instructor: Office Location: Office Hours: Telephone: E-mail: COURSE DESCRIPTION Prerequisite: For physical education majors only This course focuses on descriptive human anatomy and physiology with an emphasis on the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems of the human body. The course provides in- depth analysis of the major bones, muscles, and nerves used in a variety of movement activities. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK The conceptual framework of the College of Education at the University of West Georgia forms the basis on which programs, courses, experiences, and outcomes are created. By incorporating the theme “Developing Educators for School Improvement”, the College assumes responsibility for preparing educators who can positively influence school improvement through altering classrooms, schools, and school systems (transformational systemic change). Ten descriptors (decision makers, leaders, lifelong learners, adaptive, collaborative, culturally sensitive, empathetic, knowledgeable, proactive, and reflective) are integral components of the conceptual framework and provide the basis for developing educators who are prepared to improve schools through strategic change. National principles (INTASC), propositions (NBPTS), and standards (Learned Societies) are also incorporated as criteria against which candidates are measured. The mission of the College of Education is to develop educators who are prepared to function effectively in diverse educational settings with competencies that are instrumental to planning, implementing, assessing, and re-evaluating existing or proposed practices. This course’s objectives are related directly to the conceptual framework and appropriate descriptors, principles or propositions, and Learned Society standards are
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