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Author Name: Angela Larson Content Areas: Science, Health Lesson Plan Title: Education through Entertainment State: MN Lesson Time Frame: 5-6 class periods Student Level: High School Inspired by an Earthwatch Expedition: Maternal and Child Healthcare in India Human Anatomy and Physiology Chapter 18 in Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology - Martini & Bartholomew Education through Entertainment A lesson on Nutrition Time Allotment 3-4 days for preparation in class by student, 1 day for performance, 1 day for assessment= 5-6 class periods Academic Standard Addressed Minnesota Academic Standards, Grade 9-12 Life Science Standard-The Human Organism. Abstract The best way to learn a concept is by explaining that information to others. It is with this reasoning that this lesson is developed. Students will take the information they are given about nutrition, and produce a skit that conveys that information to an audience of 3-4 th graders. Their presentations will be 7-10 minutes in length, and will contain at least 10 pieces of information about nutrition that they have learned in class. Students will assess the effectiveness of their messaging by doing a pre and post questionnaire with their audience. They will then review those questionnaires to determine how effective their performance was. Goal
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by_Angela_Larson - Author Name Angela Larson Lesson Plan...

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