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1 Advanced Algorithm: Homework 5 Problem 1. 34.1-1(p.978 in CLRS). Problem 2 . 34.1-4(p.978 in CLRS). Problem 3. 34.3-2(P.994 in CLRS). Problem 4. 34.4-5(P.1002 in CLRS). Problem 5.
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Unformatted text preview: 34.5-2(P.1017 in CLRS). Problem 6. 34.5-7(P.1017 in CLRS).(Hint: use reduction from NP-complete problem “ Hamiltonian Cycle ” ) Extra Credit Problem. 34-3(P.1019 in CLRS)....
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  • Spring '10
  • Y.C
  • Computational complexity theory, NP-complete problems, Travelling salesman problem, NP-complete, CLRS, Hamiltonian path problem

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