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CHEM 6 - Experiment 8 Molar Mass by the method of Dumas In...

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Unformatted text preview: Experiment 8 Molar Mass by the method of Dumas In order to rule out any systematic error caused by the choice of the temperature at which the method of Dumas is performed. Teresa Trojan measured the density of the vapor in her Dumas bulb at a pressure of 1.00 atm at various temperatures and obtained the foltowing graph of density (9 L4) versus inverse temperature (K4). The slope of her line is 1219. (in the appropriate units for this problem). The Gas Constant R = 0.08206 L atm K‘1 mol'1) 17011121 QI'L I tm "“"'\<"""""“" : ml?) 9.. 175"; x" Density 0 _: f:— (g L") 12‘ 9/L :2? W) .45} (1)9825? 111111 I12 121' 101K") IQJDQ) 40:30-91 12. What" Is the molarfl mas ft e compound under investigation? A) 10.0 9 mar1 ’37 100. g mor1 2 - \ 9/100x1039 mor1 pmzw [50 ‘0"? W” D) less than 10.0 g mol'1 - ’5 E) grtazjéfterthan1.00x103gmol1 0M “,0 y“, 7%“ ID 1111511 1.01) too i P V L In F T 13.2 Molar nut” l WI‘L’D k (MAM WED)? (J— " 94.90.5114} 1101C}; mp3 the Scantron form will be graded Page7of10 QM [MK mmJJ P SL‘N‘I’C 7- [4,00 KLLSH“ L ...
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