1st draft Abby Wood

1st draft Abby Wood - Melissa Gunter 1 Abby Wood dressed...

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Melissa Gunter 1 Abby Wood, dressed for comfort in her shorts and snug black tee, shows off her intelligence by dawning her tanned face with thick-black framed glasses. Her love of family and soccer shows through every second of our conversation and seems to have shaped the rest of her life. She majors in early childhood education, which allows her to show her caring nature and to enlighten children with her knowledge. To set a foundation for this knowledge she seeks a higher education. Her choice in college, the highly esteemed Marietta College, allows many to see how intelligent she truly is. Her love of soccer brought her to Marietta’s superb program, and keeps her here through the good and the bad of the years to come. Abby Wood comes across as a caring, smart, and sincere young woman. Looking rather shy when our conversation began, Abby slowly opened up to me stating, “I don’t have any good stories, but I love my family and have a great life.” Though to other observers her reluctance to speak would be a sign of a shy-drawn back attitude, with more questions about her life came more answers. Abby shows herself to be a very caring individual. Speaking often of her 2 sisters, one 16 and the other 21, and how much she cares about her family. Family is such an important part of who she wants to be after college. She loves how close her family is, and how much they love her because of who she is. Most of her distant family lives farther away in Boston, so having a close-small family makes Abby happy. Wishing for 3 kids, a nice home, and a job as a 1 st grade teacher compile Abby’s list of aspirations for her future. “I want a normal life. I may even stay in my home town,” Abby comments when asked about her future. Knowledge is power! This old saying, while a little debatable, gives the summation for Abby Wood’s goals. She attends Marietta College, not just for the soccer team, but to gain an education that she will pass onto the minds of our future. As a first grade teacher she would pave the foundation for our children’s education. Starting her journey at Marietta College seemed only logical, it is not too far from her home, outside of Columbus Ohio, the college is small and pristine, and she could continue playing soccer for this segment of her life. Soccer helps many people stay in shape, and from the deep tan of Abby’s face it is clear she has put in her time staying in shape. “I love playing soccer. It’s what really brought me to Marietta in the first place.” Abby explains when our conversation first began. She told me about how much hard work it was, but also how she could not imagine having done anything else. Having tried different sports out when she was younger, soccer is the only one that “stuck” as she put it.
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1st draft Abby Wood - Melissa Gunter 1 Abby Wood dressed...

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