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Park'N Shop Point-of-Sale (POS) System Input Processing Output Receipt + copy. Branch and head offices. Cashier counter (Printer). What are the input, processing and output? Product code, Quantity of products purchased and Payment method 1). Sales and inventory transaction data is transmitted to the central computer for processing (e.g., retrieving product information, updating sales and inventory transactions, transferring information to the printer to issue receipt and so on). 2). All data received from various branches will subsequently be transmitted to the Headquarters for creating MIS reports to support management's stock replenishment decision making and sales performance monitoring. Why does the system need the input, processing and output? For sales and inventory transactions processing. Process the sales and inventory transactions. Give the sales confirmation documentation to the customer (receipt) and the shop (copy). How does the system receive the input, do the processing and deliver the
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Unformatted text preview: output? Cashier uses Barcode scanner and keyboard to input the product code, quantity and payment method (1) After the system has received the product code, the cashier's computer screen will display the product code, price and discounted value, if any. (2) After receiving the payment (either by cash or by credit card) from the customer, the system will automatically update the sales and inventory data into the POS system. The receipt will be automatically printed and the cashier will give the receipt to the customers for confirmation. When does the system need to receive the input, do the processing and deliver the output? Whenever the customer wants to purchase products. Whenever the cashier inputs the product code to process the sales transaction. Whenever a sales transaction is completed, a receipt will be printed for confirmation. Where does the system obtain the input, do the processing and deliver the output? Cashier counter (Barcode scanner and keyboard)....
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