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First Midterm Fall 2006

First Midterm Fall 2006 - UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA ELLER...

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UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA ELLER COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT .DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS FALL, 2006 PROFESSOR McBREARTY INDV 103 INDIVillUALS SECTION 3 9:30-10:45AM ILC 120 FIRST Mill-TERM EXAMINATION , (TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19,2006) _IIAfJ WfR AIr (Please pnnt clearly) Name STUDENT ID# Signature E-mail GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS TURN OFF ALL CELL PHONES! The total examination is worth 100 There are 50 Multiple Choice Questions on the examination. points or 25% of the course grade. Print your name, Student ill number, section and E-mail address on both the Questions and the Scantron Answer Sheet. Fill in your answers in the spaces provided on the Scantron Answer Sheet by coloring com};!letelv the box for the appropriate letter for the Multiple Choice questiollS, Make ~ ~ on the Scantron sheet with a No.2, or mechanical pencil. The Questions along with an analysis of your results (but n.Q1 the Scantron Sheet) will be returned to you in one week. SCANTRON INSTRUCTIONS Use #2 Pencil or Mechanical Pencil Enter your student ID Number 0 If your SID starts with an "s" substitute "0" 0 Bubble your SID Put down your Last Name, First Name and M.I. 0 Bubble your name Enter the Test Form based on your exam version Pink: Form A Yellow: Form B Enter your e-mail address where it says "Name", followed by the Subject, Date, and Hour (9:30 or 11 :00) Indicate the color of your exam in the middle above where it says, "Parscore Score Sheet" Completely ~ any mistakes Turn in your: 0 Exam Questions 0 ScantronAnswerSheet
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Answer Sheet. Which of the following is an example of a techn°.1°~ca1 improvement? 2, 3 Which of the following is an example of "capital" as the term is used by economists? a. the managers who run the company b. stocks and bonds owned by businesses and individuals c. money d. minerals and other resources in their natural state X the stoves and other food preparation equipment ina restaurant 4 Which of the following is the ~ example of an activity that would be undertaken by an entrepreneur? a. lending money for a new business venture b. running for political office X setting up a newE-business venture d. working on an assembly line e. buying and selling stocks and bonds 5 Which of the following!§ an exampleof~ resources as a factor of production? .. 6. New oil deposits just found in the Gulf of Mexico 175 miles off the Louisiana Coast would be an example of: X landlnaturalresources b. labor C I'~nit~ 1 .--t"' d. entrepreneurship e. a non-recoverable resource -itisjust too deep underground a. the elImInatIon of price controls on wheat b.. a Tegulation that prohibits the production of genetically altered wheat c. a court decision that breaks up a monopoly fim1 X an advance in engineering that allows the Hasbro Toy Company to increase their Tate of production e. none of the above Which of the following is the ~ example ora renewable resource? ., . a.
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First Midterm Fall 2006 - UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA ELLER...

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