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I \ j Name: (o KINESIOLOGY/IIEALTH 346 MID TERM ONE Monday, FebruarY 7, 2005 TIME: 50 minutes TOTAL: 50 marks Marks for the question are shown in ( ) The test has 9 questions plus a bonus on 6 pages. Your grade will be reported on the last page. USE CLEAR POINT FORM and ANSWER IN PEN IN THE SPACE PROVIDED, PLEASE (IF PENCIL USED, TESTS WILL NOT BE REMARKED) CALCULATORS ARE PERMITTED Use extra blank space for rough work: it will not be marked. l. Complete the following table, based on the DRI for ONE category. (check which) (5 marks) Male ( l9-30 yrs) - Female (19-30 yrs) x Other (specify): GTVE PROPER UNTTS NUTRIENT DRI UNITSIDAY Vitamin D 4.) Thiamin ,,I r1\ Vitamin C 7 "r: /'f,.r - I Iron IY, r i'l r\ Vitamin E l*) Page 1 of 6
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Alberto is23 years old, in university,5'9"(175 cm), 160 lb (73 kg), BMI =23.6. He lives a distance off campus and bikes to school most days. He jogs for 40 minutes or swims for 25 minutes, daily. Given below is a typical day's diet for him, with work space to assign the foods eaten to both the food groups in Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating and to lists in the US Exchange System. The data are used in the questions which follow. 41 ALBERTO'S DIET: WORK SHEET (not marked) MEAL AMOUNT FOOD FOOD GROUP & # of SERVINGS EXCHANGE LIST(S) & # of PORTIONS Breakfast I cup 2 each 3 strips 2 slices 1 tbs I tbs Pineapple juice
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