200501M2 - Name: (optional KINESIOLOGY/TIEALTH346 MID TERM...

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Name: (optional KINESIOLOGY/TIEALTH 346 MID TERM TWO Monday, March l4r 20As TIME: 50 minutes TOTAL: 50 marks Marks for each question are shown in ( ). The test has 10 questions & a bonus on 4 pages. Your grade will be reported on the last page. USE CLEAR POINT FORM and ANSWER IN PEN IN THE SPACE PROVIDED, PLEASE (IF PENCIL USED, TESTS WILL NOT BE REMARKED) The kidney may be described as an organ for conservation Using glucose as an example, show your understanding of that statement. Your answer should mention the functional I Q) ciri^c-n -{'kO j*-,1.*-p|.r .1>crsr'L) k'U$ 3 \ = ca,ottrrr,&'r,b}.q*t+ C,"r"dul.crfit-". cFftu\ ;\so. .r"l="\*livt bc*rnc \ unit of the kidnev and the Durpose of this elaborarc: scheme. (6 marks) --1-- 5,."r'--,tr*t*-* G-gh(g-c rr=**Lon * *^ i \ *o\J€Si-=. K^*#"=Y;ff*[, 1. 2. f 'a) ) (g)-&--L. .\4\E Ji*P\ qt-u.'t-> vw)3 T - - \ -/ 'r(t-,cdo.r. s.rPtrn.&r oXoui'\,I \.,. .-,ff-1 H--/--\ mH:[-h:f'5/ I tlt / +'a b\ccd csnce"-*r alcsr * ltr Ul + r ,n\,x*-*u*qtr-.cr:'r"-tt!;,;*{* * o ku* p,or i, a".",iul, "Y*,oo,"" ffi "**a'1 acid called 9,12,15-18:3 t^13. Explain what this code reveals about this fatty acid. (4 -J marks) f1. .r- Jp.,$^ G{ d -(^ crn or.-.'rr!'r}' j o*id- t"tga-'*,,"-tq i I [,-+*"*\ ..) &,.J\. t=-n63c.^\on^.a-\<'rn ':'*a.kT 11 l*u" *-,*.*l ,-,rd ("$-q"+io\ .$*lt)"cd )frc {o*i l*P*"\Fo I S .l#urn'v:grr.rb -v,^'\o\eJ .' ** bc-T a'" I'brq;61u-.--*--'go*nej,
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This note was uploaded on 12/02/2010 for the course HLTH 346 taught by Professor Dr.rhonahanning during the Fall '10 term at Waterloo.

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200501M2 - Name: (optional KINESIOLOGY/TIEALTH346 MID TERM...

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