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IL 1b ,L -,-*- 5 L L 9* ?7 4 IG I t "tt/I 5'o wtarks hhI t2 vn art( s l. A. rt{ 6 Name: Chem 237 Midterm Feb. 5,2043 Student #: The arswers to the questions are to be written on the exam pages. If you do not understand a questiorl be sure to ask for a clarification. Please be neat. Ifwe can't read it, we can't grade it. l. a. Choose ONE of the following peptides. Draw the structure of the peptide (the N-terminal is on the LEFT). Indicate the peptide bonds, if any, in your structure. i) arg-asn-met-glu ii) trp-leu-cys-his b. Draw a titration curve of the peptide you chose with NaOH. Be sure to label the mes appropriately. Indicate any pertinent pKu values and titration endpoints on your gaph. c. What is the pI of a molecule? Determine the pI of your peptide. Justify your answer. ovnTl. . f\ )Pti'te'ii T (k,=t t -,ui rr, -Y(,^- c, - i9-)ru A - cu -! ! uil - cA- ccs" i 6,, 'J'Y l'^ | 1 \_ *,.' it, . CH. .nn CAz/ , y'\ CA, Otfi ^,,i\I, lu- 'l1l= i^' \-/\N/ fltu v" I v; n b. i t1 tt! I r:; Ll ;l I nV , \ r jh"lt- rl i $ 1 \/ f\ ,.b) .1 i 'ti \,/ it'./ ; '/ r' I' inr,tff t- l;,v'" t,\ r,, il ry I ,TK liu t f^, ' ilo k dio,,;fJ/n4l,o4h t,. . tv -r,r.N,", ,-fk ,t ;s fl & ,hzl tb wt Jwg' l the- wleqle 't o 0) Ir,l'"'''" Itu fI ol lle pE4ile "o^bl qr*d\ 6 fu'aue {fr2 x'cw+ a{ 'i* ,u , h',{rrunr wwaa f^ilJ d;pfufd, tte u'luil! f 4pqtw-al U ta\ p'e"+d -
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This note was uploaded on 12/02/2010 for the course CHEM 233 taught by Professor Daub during the Fall '09 term at Waterloo.

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200301M1-1 - IL ,L -,-*- ?7 1 b 4 " t t / I 9* L 5 L IG I t...

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