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I :-i L- A nt< ) l) 1,,' ' cqEfv,237 tvllvTERfvt 2 ffiARcl| 19, 2003 i"ta{ w e)yair1 The answers to the questions are to be written on the exam pages; feel free to use the backs of the pages. If you do not undersland a question, bi sire to ask for " S ' A clarification. l(eep your answers concioe-jf not, you will not have enough tinre to finish the eram. Pleasebe neat. Ifwe can't read it, we can't grade it' ts 1. Refer to the protein structure below. T"t a t a. Does this protein have primary structure? Why or why not? What holds primary structure together? b. Does thii protein have secondary structure? lf so, brietly and concisely describe tlie various types of secondary structure seen in the structure below For each type of secondary structure, whafforces that hold that secondary siructure together? - - c. Does ihis protein have tertiary structure? Why or why not? What sorts of forces hold Name: Stud l, _M 5'{ {t6 l-/ --r'-" -) {li! _) ,/. 1 .l : 'l 2 3 t< I ., 0rJ I \ \ ut' L- ,dlu) c,v$w+6 ' ft,,*a,y sf*ul"*ts aE I'-W b3 | - ,),i"6ile lr^ls, +' u y rl ",f ''L, o ? n /) N^, d,et n,*kaw- tqr"'^1 r{'^c?urc, fr*n,',, ts cnlJ ofie tntag rtudt,e, ,'Jorc"s 'quafunarl sfattaw M ,^rW: hffi\ 't^r(urs hrdrd {rXutiler 4 .I J".,p,r\ [ $r ru ^' ,l (f\/
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/ ,' 1-\ v t3 J. rt r 2. Name: AIXI? mWN6 U^r4 Student #: 7"0o/2efd Refer to the peptide sequence below-. Be brief and concise in your answer. For each part of the questiono include any reagents and/or conditions pertinent to the determination. Assume that you have access to an analytical service that will run any columns, sequen cingreactions, etc, for you (i.e., you do not need to give details for those analyses). How would you determine the composition of this peptide? What composition w-ould your analysis give for this peptide? iIo* would you determine the N+erminal amino acid of the peptide? What compound would your analysis What information could you get by using trypsin, chyrnotrypsin and/or CNBr on this peptide? How would you use
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200301M2 - l_M I 19 2 ffiARcl| 2003 Name tvllvTERfvt...

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