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r /"J { )/ { ? ,) chem 237 tuidterm Exam I Feb. 4, 2oo4 Nome:--, ID# There are 7 questions on the exam-you are to answer the first 3 and then 2 of the next 4. The exam is printed on both sides of the paper. If you need extra paper, just ask. If you do not understand a question, be sure to ask for a clarification. i:r t,i} 1z Le 1. t,.l , morl{s Consider the following peptide. Trp-Cys-Arg-Glu a. Draw the chemical structure of the peptide. Indicate the peptide bonds. 2 N, ,L'' J'.1' I L.,,^.f i a *) r') *s+ i irttLrY"*r Ll +{t4 I il I { il\ $_i"I6 ,i,,J: 'fil,lr:Iafi;<r _ prrTi:r (ilio * x ) Nt-r- - r'u :f -. , ,l i r," t-'- i:1::l'l-,ru':--!!;i: l,_-vi il.-,oq 4} l,(::.; l b. Draw a titration curve of this peptide with NaOH. Be sure to label axes, indicate titration / ) 5 endpoints and the pKus of the various groups. a '/ '-- c. What is the-cllarge on the pqptide at pH l? pH 7? What is rhe pI? Show your reasoning. / ,/ . j-!J!!_{ (t}tl I tsit:f et\y' pe nt* )-,., "o r _- 'b q ;/ _Jlt 'jrt,r*mf] ] k:: "N/ii, + t''[;Ltr) \ ;i r *'={q'# { #. tp ;]-"y) 2.0 Yl o () N $ll, .rtJltrT rrl hbs bdavl ttt4r"l Yrt 1 ' " fc,ll./1t4l tvb{{ /)Vd f}^r Ait,\tv\trf \li".l Z 5t gu'1, vrh vu o*ltl{ €-r';r-r".lr ce]fl vY)s c,-*'tt n' "Y * 1t-] l:,a L:flq 'rv), rx.-(e rtt. Mt* zc'i + +^" Nfl 1+.11+ l@s+gc":'1c
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200401M1 - t,i i:r r /&quot;J cfw_ ) / cfw_ ,) ? 1z Le chem...

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